Why don’t I blog?

Joe casualI’m a writer by profession, and I develop seminars on topics of public interest, so I often hear, “Oh, you should start a blog.”  Thanks, but no thanks. This is my first–and probably last–blog post of a personal nature. (I’ll be happy to do a business blog, but call it something more distinctive.)

Part of my consideration is practical. I don’t want to have stale entries in an inert blog, and I don’t want to update a blog simply to make it fresh. Beyond that, however, I’m not at all inclined to add to the oceans of chatter washing about the Internet.

In the first place, my interests are eclectic, ranging from insurance topics to current affairs to 18th century political thought. I’m not prepared to channel my thinking to establish a following of people with common interests.

Moreover, if I think I have something smart and original to say, I prefer to share it the old-fashioned way. I’ll seek out an existing forum, wait my turn, and try to convince an editor that what I have to say deserves some space. I’m satisfied that I have had four letters published in the print edition of The New York Times, three in the print edition of USA Today, and several more in the Chicago Tribune.

By doing that instead of blogging, I’m essentially saying that there are more important things to read than what’s on my mind. In an age when people obsess on specialized pursuits–fantasy sports, internet games, virtual worlds–I want to promote attention to important discussions we should have in common. Adding another distraction wouldn’t help.

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